Venus Ceramics is a company located in Nules, Castellón. Has practiced since 1988, focusing on the development and marketing of ceramic products with high added value and innovative design component.

Our product is made with the intention to create personal spaces, elegant, exclusive and surprising to develop in them the daily activities surrounding us luxury, style and taste. From the beginning we have been developing different ceramic models to meet the desires, tastes and needs of people.

Creating alternative formats, designs, textures, styles, colors and finishes, using materials of the highest technical quality, offering appropriate solutions, continually researching to develop a product adapted to the latest market trends. All this is possible because Venus Cerámica is made by a professional, committed and enthusiastic team.


Our facilities.


Venus Ceramica is fully committed to the environment. Therefore, the entire production process complies with current regulations.

In addition, all clays used come from specific areas of extraction for that purpose, all our plants (located in Spain) are equipped with the proper equipment to control emissions of gases into the atmosphere, we use recycled water in our processes and so on.

The HATZ Group is in the process of environmental certification.